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The Key: Routine

We are well into the new year now and many of us have the classic "New Year's Resolution". However, some articles have said that many people are done working on their resolutions by January 17th....

JANUARY 17TH?!?!?!

While it would be easy to bash those for failing, I think it goes to show how difficult it really can be to start a new habit! I mean, let's think about are working to undo the HABITS that you have been captive to over the past year... and likely longer!

In this series, I want to talk to you about the key...the key to success in your new year's resolution! It is not perfection!!


You see, consistency is what you need to achieve your goals! You have consistently been doing something to get to the point that you are, you will have to do something consistently to get out of it!

It all starts with a routine. Habits. Something you do frequently and in the same way over and over and over again. Setting up your routine to serve you best is what it will take to get you to the "promised land"!

There are many things that you can do for this to be the case, regardless of what your goal is! If we consider a return to the gym, setting up your routine could entail:

  • Packing your gym bag and putting it in the car the night before

  • Purposefully driving by the gym on the way to work or the way home (less wiggle room for you to avoid're already there!)

  • Going to work out with a friend

  • Using a coach to help you with your workout

Using techniques, sequences and plans like this can help you to stay consistent. Consistency is key!

Need help with some consistency? Want to make it past January 17th and achieve your goals? Feel like you need some help? Reach out to us here and let us show you how you can continue to achieve your goals!

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