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What to Look For in a Gym: A Little Extra

This series is talking about what you should be looking for in a gym to reach your goals! We have talked about how welcomed you are, goals and goal setting and education! Be sure to read more about those if you haven't!

This blog is all about finding that little extra!

Generally, as humans, our goal is to be as comfortable as possible! This means that we are not looking to push ourselves very far outside of our comfort zone. We made need someone or a group to help us to get to the next level!

In gyms that only provide access, you may not find that! In those types of gyms, you are completely on your own! You choose your own exercises and how many and how to perform them. Because we are humans and seek comfort, you may not be pushing yourself to the degree that you need to keep achieving your goals!

This is where gyms that provide coaching are different. You see, in this type of gym, you are pushed in a variety of ways. Your coach may push you to use a different weight. This could be because you have improved to the point that you need a new challenge, or may be because the coach is ensuring that you perform your movement well and decrease your risk of injury.

You may also be pushed by the community in these gyms! The community has a way of helping you to want more for yourself! It may be because there are other people with the same or similar goals as may be because you see others that are doing things that you want to may be because you now have a friend and accountability partner going to the gym with you...

Whatever the reason, getting that little bit of extra out of your workout every day is a crucial thing to have when you are chasing your goals!

Are you getting this in your current workout routine? Are you looking for more?

The best time to make the change was last week...the next best time is now!

Take the step to get a little more out of your exercise and gym! Reach out to us here to take those steps and reach the goals you want most! Our experts are ready to make sure that you are taking those steps and getting that little extra!

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