What to Look For in a Gym: Celebration

This series is about how to choose a gym that might make you more successful. Many gyms provide simple access like access to their facility and access to their equipment. This is a great option for some people that know what do to! However, it sets many people up for failure because they simply don't know what to do!

Today we are talking about the final thing to search for in a gym....a celebration! Now, this may sound like a very strange criterion to look for, but let me explain!

Many of us have no clue what we are doing in a gym. We wander around aimlessly until we find something we can "kinda" understand, then do that until we get tired of it. We don't know how to achieve our goals, we don't know what to do next.

When you do finally take that step and find someone to help you, many times we are in a comparison mode! You are constantly comparing yourself to others...you see how they did, how they are doing, what they are doing, what you are doing....

This constant comparison is the "thief of joy" ultimately. This means that your constant comparison will leave you disappointed in your own progress and results! You will naturally want to do what you see others do!

However, you need someone to show you the progress in your own journey! You need to see how far you have come and you need someone to help you to celebrate those monumental steps in breaking your own bad habits!

This is where great coaching and leadership comes in! A good coach can step in and show you how you have progressed! They can remind you where you came from and how far you have gone! They can celebrate your accomplishments and keep you pointed in the right direction to help you to continue to take steps toward your goals! This means that you don't quit and you continue to achieve your goals!

This is not something that you will get at a gym that merely provides access! Many people that stop going to the gym do so because they feel disappointed that they are not achieving more in the gym! Don't be one of those people! Instead, find a place that celebrates you and pushes you for more!

If you are feeling disappointed or frustrated, maybe it is time for you to see how far you have come! Reach out to us here and let us show you the way and celebrate the steps with you as you take them!

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