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Why I Choose CrossFit: Community

Ok, ok! If you are looking for a "sappy" post, I guess this is it.

For years, I have talked about the benefits of CrossFit from the results side...improved strength, flexibility, motor in general. These are all of the things that everyone is wanting...

Today, however, I'm going to talk about the social side of this methodology....the community.

Now I know you have likely heard about the community of CrossFit, but unless you have experienced it, you aren't likely to understand it. But I'm going to try to explain it to you anyways.

What makes this community the same as all of the others is that you are involved with a group of people that share a common goal.

If you go to church, you have something similar...a group of people that want to understand the bible better or live differently.

If you have a bar that you frequent, you have something similar as well...a group of people that want to have some fun through imbibing some wobbly pops and other drinks of choice.

With CrossFit, you have a group of people that want to chase their fitness goals. But that is about where it stops with the similarities. You see, what you have with CrossFit is a shared experience and sometimes, a common enemy.

There is not much that forms a stronger bond than a shared experience or a common enemy, or both! Think about how close so many soldiers and marines are from their time spent in basic training or in service. They have shared experiences, many of them life threatening. It may be the exercise that they were involved in basic training or a military exercise that they were a part of together!

Additionally think about the common enemy that athletes have as they play matches and games with their team. At times, the common enemy is the opposing team. Other times, it may be the coach himself that is the common enemy. But a common disdain for another human or entity can form bonds that few can break!

Both of these may be present in a CrossFit gym! It serves to drive the community together and bond them tightly!

Of course, the community then serves the individual. It can serve as accountability for members to attend workouts regularly. It can also serve to make workouts more enjoyable and make it more likely for you to attend in that way!

Any way you look at it, the CrossFit community is one that is tight knit and serves to improve the lives of all of those that are involved in it!

Are you looking for a community that you can be involved with? Are you wanting to change your life? Want to surround yourself with people that have been where you are and are feeling what you feel? Reach out to us here! We can take you step by step to make you successful and get you plugged in to your community!

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