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Why I Choose CrossFit: Fun!

When we were kids, we would do almost ANYTHING that was called fun! Even now, my daughter, niece and nephews will do anything that is called fun!

Honestly, as adults, we are not much different. We all crave fun and we have a different taste of fun now!

Part of the reason that I have and continue to choose CrossFit as my training methodology is because it is, quite simply, fun!

What makes it fun for me is how novel it is on a daily basis. It is new, it is different. We rarely do the same thing. This keeps your brain interested and able to work on a task, even when it may not be the MOST enjoyable task!

Now, why is it important for a training session to be fun? Again, it is very simple! If your workout is fun, you are more likely to do it! If you keep showing up for workouts, you are likely to see the results you are looking for!

So honestly, fun makes you more consistent! When you are more consistent, then you are more likely to accomplish the things you set out for. Whether that is weight loss, strength gain, playing with your kids better/longer or feeling better in a swim suit, consistency will help you to get there and fun will keep you consistent!

Don't know how to have fun in a workout? Try this:

-Try a new movement

-Place a new twist on an old movement

-Gamify a workout (think about scoring more "points" for performing a certain way

-Do it with a friend

These are just a couple of options and there are MANY more! Try some out and see how much fun you can have!

Do you have other questions? Do you need help or want to have more fun during workouts? Are you tired of not getting results? Reach out to us here and let us help you to see the fun in working out!

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