Why I Choose CrossFit: Results

Let's face it, there is only ONE reason anyone will perform exercise. While I and many others genuinely love to work out and exercise, we still are looking for something when we do it...RESULTS!!!

Our goals may be different, but ultimately, we are ALL looking to accomplish them for the results that we are looking for.

With CrossFit, I (and many others) have found the methodology that leads us to our goals faster and more completely, regardless of the goal. I personally have used CrossFit to lose weight, gain weight, improve my strength and improve my running (that's right, it helps me with running!).

Additionally, I have seen others use this methodology to perform better at a particular sport they were wanting to improve, play with their kids better/more, feel better in a bathing suit and other goals!

How is it that one training methodology can help in so many different ways?!?

There are two answers to this! The first is the constantly varied nature that CrossFit uses as a philosophy! This means that you are very rarely going to do the same workouts, reps or weight. This is significantly different from the way that most people are approaching their workouts. This idea means that your body is constantly adapting to the new stress that you are placing on it! When your body adapts, it means results and changes!

The second answer lies in the intensity of CrossFit workouts! While working with intensity is very scary for people, it is also a way that we are able to get in a TON of work and still be done with it all in an hour! Intensity is the secret sauce that allows us to continue to accomplish our goals regardless of what they may look like!

So, if you are looking for results, this may be a good option for you! The workouts that are performed in CrossFit classes and training can be tailored to fit your needs and desires so that you can continue to see the results that you want most!

Don't know where to start? That's ok! Reach out to us here! We would love to set up a meeting to find out what you want and set up a plan to help you get there!

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