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Why I Choose CrossFit: Safety

Welcome to the start of a new week!

This week, I am hoping to show you why CrossFit may be the best choice for you!

Before we get started, I want to remind you that I am a physical therapist, so my choices and leanings are often due to the things I see frequently in the clinic! Because I have seen so many injuries and problems in my career as a PT, I frequently start with a safety or injury risk perspective.

In my experience in the clinic as well as my knowledge of other fitness philosophies, I choose to perform and teach CrossFit to people due to the safety that is involved with this lifestyle!

In CrossFit, we use functional movements in our workouts. This means that we perform movements that are frequently seen in daily life. To that end, we perform exercises like deadlifts, squats, presses, running and other gymnastics movements. These movements tend to be a little safer and less likely to cause an injury.

Part of the reason they are safer movements is because they use multiple joints for the movement. Consider the perform it, you are moving your back, hips, knees and ankles. This means that many of the muscles that are surrounding those joints are moving as well! Because so many muscles are working simultaneously, you have much more support! This extra support means that you are less likely to be injured while performing this.

If you contrast that with some classic body building movements, you may see single joints that are supported with only one muscle that is working. This puts more stress on the joint and MAY allow for an injury. Read a little more about that here!

There have been several studies that have been performed recently as well that detail the safety of this training methodology. Most suggest that CrossFit is LESS likely to cause an injury and one even said that the more you performed it, the LESS likely you were to be injured! Some studies even showed that CrossFit is less likely to cause an injury than long distance running!

While I am certainly not telling you to stop other forms of exercise that you may be doing, I am saying that CrossFit is a very safe methodology and forms part of the rationale that this particular physical therapist promotes and teaches this exercise philosophy!

Want to know more? Find out more here! Fill out the form and let one of our experts show you more about the safety of CrossFit as a way for you to accomplish your goals!

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