Why I Choose CrossFit: Strength

As I go through the benefits of this training methodology, I think it is important to note something for you. I'm not just another Kool-aid drinker... I mean I am, but I like to think that I am a little more than that!

You see, I am a physical therapist as well. I have my doctorate in physical therapy and I am a board certified specialist in orthopedics. This means that I have taken extra classes and tests to show that I specialize in helping people with bone, joint, tendon and muscular problems.

All of those nagging injuries that you have, I can help. Did you sprain your ankle? I can help with that... Did you have a surgery? Are you looking to avoid having surgery? Yep, I can help with all of that!

With that in mind, I have a little different viewpoint of why I endorse CrossFit as a training methodology. One thing that I really love is that there is a big emphasis on strength and building strength.

In all of my years practicing physical therapy, I have never had a patient come in that I told them, "You are too strong!" You see, far too often, it is the opposite problem...people are too weak!

Too weak in one area of the body...too weak overall so they can't maintain a position and end up having pain.

Then, we end up having to spend time working on corrective exercises and stretches to feel better. It helps, it really does!

But do you know what my patients do when they start to feel better? You guessed it...CrossFit!

You see, CrossFit allows them to continue to build the strength that they need to STAY healthy, strong and pain free! So, if it is good enough for my patients, then it is a great option for you as well!

Want to start? Don't know how? Don't know what to do to build strength and stay healthy? Have an injury and want to feel better? We can help with ALL of that! Reach out to us here! Fill out the form and we will contact you quickly to help you to accomplish the goals you want most!

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